Financial Services

The Financial Services sector is fraught with challenges – and ripe with opportunity to wow new and existing customers. Highly competitive and steep with regulatory controls, it can be highly lucrative if well managed. For many organizations, finely-tuned customer management builds brand loyalty and solidifies long-term relationships.

C3 knows Consumer Internet. Our leadership was at the forefront of multi-channel communication at a time when the most popular customer service channel was the telephone. Today, our culture of creativity and innovation has developed solutions that enable consumers to use the Internet, mobile devices and telephones to reach a technical and dynamic customer base. The result is fast, efficient and cost-effective sales and service resolution unparalleled in the industry.

Lifecycle Services

C3 Consumer Internet solutions serve every aspect and touch point of the customer lifecycle using inbound and outbound phone, Web, social media and mobile devices.

Growth Services

Closing the sale when the competition is only a click away, account enrollment and retention.

Care Services

Customer-care related functions that provide general account maintenance and customer care, billing support, repair/technical support, and retention/save services.

Cross-sell, Upsell & Loyalty

Proactive communications for fee-based products, incentive offers and customer satisfaction contacts deliver a superior customer experience that builds brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Web Communications

Solutions support general customer communications and services, including online comparisons, Email Management, Click to Chat, Click to Talk, Social Media Monitoring Solutions, and Web Self Service

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